Ill Operation – Microfiction Short Story

Ill Operation 

“There is a point in the preparation of things such as antibodies that we can not only see the ill effects of this ravenous disease on the very samples we have scrapped from the dying and dead, but there is also a mirror point, where we can see the glimmer of something more, something better. This is called a secondary evolution in the eyes of those beyond the doors of everyday life, but when we use it, we do not actually mean that we have changed the linage of where we are and where we should be, for that is something our mere meddling do not have sway over.” he says with an almost sarcastic smile across his face, and he gently lowers his gaze over his broad glasses rim, and looks down at Sandra like a parent would after chastising their child over life choices made against the parents wishes. “Does that give you some clarity now, Madam President?”

She rises sharply from her seat and gazes venomously towards him. “The only thing that your ridiculous answer clarifies is that YOU are unsuitable within your position, and only a FOOL would allow you to continue!”

His smile broadens, “I’ve said many things to many of your non-supporters out there, in the ether, but I’ve never called you a fool.”

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