A Page Not Read – Microfiction Short Story

A Page Not Read

“Preposterous, you called me here under some story they needed my attention, and I arrive to find the very creation of existence told to me in a comic book that was obviously made for children,” he says gesturing towards the  comic book that sits on the table before him, as he glares angrily back up at Simon. “How STUPID do you think I am?”

Simon grips the back of his neck and kneads it fiercely, as a nervous smile washes across his face and is then quickly replaced by a stoic stare of superiority. “I called you here to watch, to listen, to grown, not to share you opinions or grievances, they are unworthy of what is about to take place, and the comic book as you so elegantly called it, is the prophesied text that will grant you a way into tomorrow if you dare chance the blade of wisdom.” he calls, like a pastor seeing to his flock, the nervous smile once again across his lips as he rocks back and forth.

“I-I-I-I,” he looks back down at the comic book as sweat pours from his brow. “I-I-I, I can’t be-believe, be-because,” he looks back up at Simon. “I-I-If I believe then all this s-shit is true,” he says as he thrusts a pointed hand towards the doorway.

Simon’s smile grows larger, and then into a twisted grin. “Then come,” he says as he holds a hand out towards him, “come and watch the sea swallow itself.”


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