Salvation Written Backwards – A Short Story From A Twisted Halloween 2021

Salvation Written Backwards

“Concur, a word that means to agree with or equal,” Andrew announces proudly as he stands spiffingly up, his head wobbling about as if he was a bobble headed statue and a smile that draws itself across his lips like a bolt of lightning.

“And what do you concur with, cunt?” William snarls as he takes a bite from the leg of raw mutton he waves around like a stick.

Andrew straightens up and pulls his head back with pensive inquisition.

“I-I-I, I don’t understand,” Andrew asks with a strained smile across his withered lips.

William draws back a stoic breath and laughs foolhardily, slapping his leg with delight before tearing more flesh from the lambs severed leg. He chews loudly, with a bravado earned through blood, sweat and fear.

“Satisfaction ain’t nothing to not understand child, it’s a gift of expectations. I’ve killed many, more of I’d truly taken the time, and in all the lives I’ve owned,” he snarls as he takes another mouthful of flesh and tears it from the bone. “I’ve made sure they understand why we’re both here, you and me,” he says gesturing to himself and then to Andrew. “So save the lies and fallacies, for tonight we fuck, and tomorrow one dies.”

“F-F-Fuck?” Andrew stammers nervously as his eyes try to lock with those of William’s many servants, but they all look away before he can.

“I mean what I mean,” William says as he throws back his robe to reveal a throbbing erection. “You do me, and then I’ll do you, or vice versa, it matters little who starts and who finishes.”

“B-B-But, I-I-I-I’m not gay.”

William laughs loudly, and slaps his leg once more. “Nor am I, but for tonight, for the importance of all things being fair, we will be whatever the other requires, and I require my throbbing cock to be drained of all its seed. If you cannot bring yourself to satisfy the carnal desires of this mortal flesh, you should just throw yourself onto my sword, and allow my pleasure to become yours,” he slurs sultry as he vigorously strokes his engorged penis.

Andrew’s lips quiver as his eyes grow, and the outline of an ever hardening shape makes itself known in his pants. He looks into William’s eyes as his pace gains momentum, then quickly he is on him, slobbering over his pulsating cock. William grabs Andrew’s head and thrusts it down over his hardness, holding him tightly as he tries valiantly to free himself of his hold, with desperation he tries to bite down upon William, only for him to receive several numbing blows to the side of his skull.

William rides Andrew harder and faster, picking up his pace while the world violently spins out of control for Andrew as he is struck again and again. Finally William pulls himself from Andrew’s mouth and vigorously jerks himself into completion, emptying his seed across Andrew’s pale motionless face.

With a exhausted breath William falls back into his throne, and smiles proudly.

“A fool will sell his soul, while the smart man will always empty his seed,” he scoffs proudly, as he gestures for Andrew’s remains be taken away.  

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