A Symbiotic Existence Sought During The End Of The World – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..”Is she!” Harry bellows as he grabs her arm and pulls her sleeve up, revealing multiple bite wounds that trail up along her forearm. “SEE WHAT YOU’VE BROUGHT INTO OUR HOME! SEE THE DANGERS YOU’VE BEFALLEN UPON US!”

“I-I-I, I didn’t n-notice, I-I-I…”

“Just stop FUCKING talking and get me something to tie her down with before she rises up and kills us both!”

“I-I-I,” Clive stammers, only for Harry to slap him across the face with a thrusting open hand.

“PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER FOR FUCK’S SAKE AND GET ME SOMETHING TO TIE HER D…” But his words become caught in his throat as the woman lets out groan and slowly lifts her head.

“D-D-Don’t move a muscle,” Harry hisses through clenched teeth as he casts a wayward glance at Clive and then back to the girl as she slowly grunts once more before opening her eyes…

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