Part Of The Waves – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..“Y-Y-You’re just a-angry because y-you were the f-first to a-agree with me, a-and you’re just trying to save face so you don’t look like the b-biggest fool of all,” he says with a wry smile now painted across his lips.

Clarence’s face glows red with anger as he slams his fist into the table, spit spilling from his upturned lips. “I SHOULD SEE YOU EXILED OUT THERE WITH THE OTHERS FOR SUCH A THING!”

“You just do that buddy, and while you’re there you also should shove your head up your ARSE!” he spits as he thrusts himself to his feet and meets Clarence’s gaze once more.

A smile draws itself slowly across Clarence’s lips, and he runs a wayward hand through his hair, combing it to the side, before readjusting his glasses. “Then it is settled!” he says with a clapping of his hands.

“W-What is?” Heathcliff asks nervously as he looks around the room again.

“Your eviction good sir,”…

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