Eve Of The Ever After – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“You close yourself off from all possibilities with that arrogant display of bravado, when you cou…”

“STOP!” he bellows as he slaps the table with an open hand. “STOP MAKING THIS SEEM ALL ABOUT ME WHEN IT SHOULD BE ABOUT YOU, AND YOUR, YOUR CHANGES!” he spits as he gestures towards Dion flippantly.

“Why am I the one who has changed, why can’t it be you, why can’t you have changed, and I be the one stuck on the other side of this respective laxative?”

“Because if it was me, I’d FUCKING know, alright? You’re the one who rode their house to the other side of the FUCKING rainbow, you’re the one who found all those you met there were just reimagined versions of everyone on this side, as if they were taken from your FUCKING memories. I NEVER left! I NEVER could leave! YOU! YOU LEFT, THEN CAME BACK LOOKING LIKE THE DEVIL HAD POSSESSED YOU, NOT I! YOU!” he spews forth with vigorous intent, slapping the table repeatedly as he does….

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