The Quiet Life – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Foretold in the archives of forever was your coming, waited her for eons have I, missed so many moments, but knew the longer I waited the sooner you would come,” Reginald slurs through dry lips.

“H-How long have you sat here?”

“I counted lost many moons ago, three centuries or more I’m sure.”

“Y-You waited that long to meet me?”

“I would wait longer, have already done that I think, or am, I forget to remember, or is it remembering to forget, confusion is regular with these conversations.”

“You’ve had them before?”

“With you,” he says as his eyes gaze upon Clark intently. “I am unsure, but this conversation I have had many times, with others who profess to be you.”

“Then how can you be sure, I am the one?”

He smiles softly, “Are you, you?”

“What? How does that answer my question?”

He laughs, “Your question is irrelevant, while mine is all.”

Clark lets out a chiselled sigh. “Yes, I am me.”

“Then you are he who I have waited for, until you are not.”….

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