A Rabbit Hole Of Depths Lost – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….He silently stares at his reflection aghast while his lip quivers every few moments. “I-I, I don’t get it,” he stammers softly as he turns to the girls who sits besides him, her face awash with concern.

“It’s okay honey, we’ll sort it out, we’ll get you back to feeling like you again,” she says as she squeezes his hand tightly.

“B-B-But,” he mumbles as he turns back to the mirror and points a shaking hand towards his reflection. “T-That guy right there, t-that guy a-ain’t ME, and YOU! I have n-no fucking clue who you are either!” he spits as he pulls his hand from hers and stares fiercely at her from the safety of his reflection.

“W-W-We’ve been through this too m-many times R-Ryan, too many FUCKING times! A-And I told you the last time, I told you if you went too far, if you lost yourself, I’d leave, I-I’d take the kids and leave! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? DO YOU WANT ME TO GO AND NEVER COME BACK!” she bellows, tears streaming down her face.

“I-I-I, I’ve t-told you b-before, m-m-my name isn’t FUCKING R-RYAN!” he stammers as he stares at his reflection once more with a renewed grimace across his brow…..

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