To Drink A Seeded Bush – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Please Stanley, I have been meeting with growers my entire life, and every single one of them has a system in place, from the prehistoric to future changing structures, I am sure what you have in place will be somewhere within that circle of creativity, and if applicable in larger forms, we may even make a money spinner out of that as well as your excellent coffee,” he says as he salutes the cup toward the door was and takes another sips, before sighing loudly. “Onward my friend, onward and toward the future, our future.”

Stanley smiles broadly, “Excellent! I had hoped you were of similar ilk,” he says with an obvious burst of excitement. “I have sixteen full time employees who handle all the major work involved with the filtration of the coffee, giving me four to each of the four blends. All sixteen live on site, along with their families, so I can control their diets, as well as their hours worked.”

Oliver’s face twists and his brow furrows. “Why is controlling their diets important?”

“As they say, what goes in comes out the other side, and to achieve each flavour, I have to have absolute control over every detail, down to the microbe……”

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