Long Live The Queen – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I didn’t think you acted on emotional energy?” Henrique spits with a half haggard smile cut across his cheeks.

“Why do you of all people say that?” Cynthia almost sing in response.

“I’ve known you since the day you escaped the grasp of your mother’s womb, I’ve seen you break hearts since the day you knew what love was. I’ve watched you become a more competent ruler than your father, and his father before him were. I’ve seen many a wondrous thing done or caused by you, but I’ve never seen you make a judgement upon anything based around emotions, until this that is.”

“Then you should take all those things as search for the factor that defines this moment as different, and once you have seen that difference you know you will have your answer,” she says with stoic pride.

“B-B-But,” he stammers as his eyes desperately search the earth beneath him before he casts his eyes back into hers. “B-But what you ask, i-it is an impossible request.”

“It is only impossible, because YOU refuse to make it, yet if you allow yourself an understanding of the players on the field, you allow yourself an understanding of why YOU must do what has been asked.”…..

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