Be Me Tha Captain – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….Captain Syler looks down over Damien’s silent bloody remains and allows a twisted smile to creep across his torn and blood ridden lips. “Sail that ship onwards my son, sail that FUCKING ship right into the sun, till all your flesh is burned, for your deaths been earned, sail that FUCKING ship onwards son, sail it into the MOTHERFUCKING SUN!” he spits with venomous gusto, as a single tear escape his unpatched eye. For minutes he stands lost in the repeating rhyme before he finally nods his head with an exhausted sigh, which acts as the signal for Calvin and Brody to begin emptying the drums of gasoline over Damien’s form.

“You think the old man has this in store for each of us?” Brody asks quietly, feverishly casting his glances between Calvin, Captain Syler and Damien’s corpse.

“What, you think he’s gonna burn each of us alive?”

“WAIT WHAT? NO! NO!” he squeaks loudly with wide open eyes, while his face goes bright red as he glances quickly over to Captain Syler, who still has his head bowed, and shows no sign of hearing them. “I meant, do you think he’s gonna kill us all like he killed Jenny, Sammy, Punter, Dutch and Damien?” he hisses through clenched teeth…..

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