A Sea Of Saw – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“You jests?” he asks with a nervous smile across his trembling lips. “Surely y-you do, y-you must! T-The purposed f-fornification of s-someone so young would b-be only spoken of in r-riddles than f-fact. J-J-Jest you must!”

“Why? Because they say it should be? Because that’s just the way it is because they say so? Are they facts, or are they rules that are passed down by faceless masters doing what they tell us not to do, behind closed doors? WAKE UP! SMELL THE ROTTEN EGGS THAT SIT IN THY PANTRY! WE ARE SLAVES! WE ARE PATHETIC, MIDDLE FINGER WEARING SLAVES! AND I FOR ONE, HAVE HAD ENOUGH! FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT! FUCK THE GOVERNMENT! LET’S MAKE OUR OWN RULES, AND BUILD OUR OWN WORLD, FREE FROM THOSE THAT BRING US DOWN!” he bellows as a thick stream of saliva churned in the corners of his mouth, while his eyes grow wider and more wild.

“J-Jesus Clive, t-take a chill pill and calm the FUCK down! A-Are you actually listening t-to what you’re saying? Y-Your talking about taking down the guys w-who were employed to protect. I-I,” he stammers as he turns his head away, “I-I, I can’t be a part of it, I-I, I won…” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence, as his words are caught in his throat as a metal rod rips through his neck and bursts out his chest….

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