Pivot The Staple – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….She looks down over the guns barrel and winks at Dietrich before tightening her finger around its trigger, setting off an intricate mechanical mechanism that ends with the releasing of the pistols firing pin and the explosion of a bullet from its chamber that tears into the centre of his skull.

For Dietrich, the world moves into a relentlessly slow moving façade, the time it take for the trigger to be pulled after she winks is almost uncountable, but for him it is almost an eternity. Beads of sweat explode from the pours that cover his flesh, and then run dry in the time it takes for her eyelid to slaps itself against the other. He hears the trigger pull, the guns mechanisms whirl and then the firing pin explode forward. Life slows down once more as the bullet makes its way out of the barrel and charges towards him, and in that moment, almost frozen in time, he locks eyes with a stranger, who stands watching. She smiles broadly upon their eyes meeting.

“Hello Dietrich, I’ve been waiting for you…..

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