In This We See Three – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“There is no other way to achieve the outcome you wish would manifest itself in front of you, without freely spilling the blood of those that deserve it! Take it from someone who has granted many a thing, to many a king in my time, these words I speak are true even if you would be the first in a long time who has declined to kill for their dreams, you will soon beg for those words back before freeing the liquid gold from its house of worship so I can give your hearts desire a place in your kingdom.” David says with a wicked grin painted across his face.

“I-I, I don’t see that happening, n-not now, not tomorrow, n-not ever. I refuse your offer, and will achieve my goals like everyone else does, through hard work and commitment!”

He laughs loudly, slapping his thigh in robust fashion. “Truly you are the fabled gem hidden in the lump of coal, for I have never seen hard work accomplish a goal as hard as the one you wish to achieve! Each and every man, woman or child that is ever achieved greatness beyond their reach, is because of one like me, granting their sordid wish in a payment of blood!…..”

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