Watch Me Whine – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Popular wouldn’t be what I would call it, I’d use something with a bit more flair in its tail bone, something with plenty of meat on the arse end so the vultures could be fed for a week or more if need be. Of course a catalyst must be born into the fold, a deceptive goat with sights set on prizes far beyond the reach of normal man. Many told me that you were that goat, you were that man. But, alas I fear you are less than any of those things, unless you have yet to show me these properties as a test of my own dedication, is that what this is? Is this, a test?” he asks with fevered words, as he gently chews on his blood-stained fingers while casting several child like glances across the decomposing bodies that lie strewed around the room before him. He erupts with a cackle of unhinged laughter that grows louder with every moment that is counted upon the moment before.

“Tests are for those who require it, and you my broken friend, are clearly beyond the boundaries of compliance,” an angelic like voice coos from somewhere within the room……

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