Plain Sighted Solvent – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Did I know she was going to do that, is that what you’re asking?” Kyle says as he looks up across the table with sorrow filled eyes, clumsily playing with the handcuffs that are tightly locked around his blood-stained wrists. “No, no I didn’t think that thought even entered my head. I was t-thinking about o-other things a-anyway, t-things that involved the two of us, a-and only the two of us.”

“Why did you bring Henrietta along then, if you only had plans for you and Carly?”

He shrugs his shoulders and curls his bottom lip over his top. “Dunno, maybe because it felt like the right thing to do.”

“The right thing to do, how do? If you hadn’t taken Henrietta along, she’d be alive right now, and you’d be off somewhere getting your little man taken care of, but instead you’re here talking to us while two girls are lying downstairs on COLD CONCRETE SLABS with their parents CRYING in the hallways! So why don’t you CUT THE CRAP and tell us what REALLY happened tonight!”

“I-I-I,” he stammers as tears cascade down his cheeks before he drags his blood-stained sleeve across his face, giving never life to the dried blood, and smearing it across his face. “Y-You don’t really wanna k-know the truth, n-not really…..”

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