5 Minute Horror Story – Rainbows In The Rain – A Short Story From It’s Not A Normal Friday 13th 2022

The rain continues to wash ever downwards, thrusting itself like a loaded weapon onto the desolate wastelands that stretch ever onwards before him. Flint pulls himself to his knees and allows himself another vacant moment of nothingness to soak in feelings long since lost. He grips the earth beneath him tightly with scarred hands and squeezes the dirt as if he were a child preparing to make a fresh run of mud patties.

A man who stands to his left, beneath the safety of an umbrella, awkwardly clears his throat.

“Sir, if I may interrupt, time m…”

“I understand Mister White, there is no question that does not have that understanding burned into its shaper. But if you will, can you please entertain my follies for a few moments more. Surely we have a few to spare?” he asks as he stares wide eyed at the earth below him, shielding his face with the back of his head.

“O-Of course sir, I am o…”

He smiles, “There is no need, for I know old friend, that you are just looking out for my best interests. And for that I am truly thankful, for I have lost too many of the people that have stood ever proudly by my side this spring, and fear more will fall before summer casts its hand upon us.”

“Summer will be here sooner than you expect, and with it a new day, a new day full of wonders ever more.” Mister White says as he looks out into the darkness, searing the lands around them as far as his eyes can see.

“Do you honestly think so? Do you honestly believe summer will be the new beginning our people have hoped so desperately for?”

“Change is a thing unavoidable, it ebbs and flows with many of the seasons, sometimes without question or answer. The history books will tell you of the rise and fall of ancient civilisations, some whose fall you never truly understand until you compare the seasons to their plight, and then you see the true face of that what we call destiny,” he says proudly as his lips are shaped into a smile oozing with stoic pride.

“I would find it fascinating to learn more of the civilisations that these changes brought about the end to.”

“All of them sir, the Egyptian’s, the Aztec’s, the Mayan’s, the Roman’s and…”

“And now the American’s.” he says softly with a sly grin upon his lips.

“I feel they are a hardier bunch of people, who’s ending is not yet near, for it is only their leader who needs to end, and in that ending a new America will rise, this time with wider wings, wings that will carry us all back home, where we belong!”

“What a wonderful visage, I am fortunate to know that my people will be in safe hands.” he says softly as tears of red cascades down his cheeks. It is then that he feels the cold steel of Mister White’s revolver against the back of his head.

The explosion takes both men by surprise, as the bullet announces the beginning of its journey seconds before it thrusts itself through Flint’s skull.


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