A Game Of The Blame – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“A plan is only as good as its desired ending, and if you don’t have a thoroughly thought out ending, you’re in danger of having a bad day all round. Now, I don’t say this just to be a buzz kill, I say it because not only are you without a focused outcome, but without a desired ending you’ll also not have a plan on how to handle problems and whatever other shit takes place along the way. Now I could be being over dramatic about all this, but, as the current situation shows us, without that ending, we are equipped to handle the middle. On the flip side of all this we’ve learnt something, and if you had of had an ending planned to the ninth degree, you would’ve had a ride smother than a baby’s butt cheek, and celebrations all round when you reach the end, as all endings should.” Keith says with a gentle nod of his head, and the puckering and drawing back of his lips, doing a cheap and nasty interpretation of Mick Jagger, sans the hip thrusts, and lanky legged chicken strut he his also famous for. “Sadly, we don’t have any of that, we’ve got this.” he says as he gestures to the sea bodies that lie at their feet….

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