An Understanding Lost – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…“I came here STUPIDLY seeking your help, so don’t take the opportunity to make me out to be the enemy I’m NOT! YOU, you were the one who betrayed MY trust, not I yours!” he spits through saliva drenched lips while thrusting a finger into his own chest aggressively. “And incase you’ve forgotten, YOU were the one who BATHED in his eternal light, building his army for him until he had no need of you! That was ALL you sunshine! I made my way out, I escaped, so don’t blame me for your misgivings.”

Dale clutches Michael by the should and squeezes it tightly. “Michael, s-stop bro, h-he can’t hear y-y…”

“More like WON’T!” he seethes as he pushes Dale away, giving him a less than comforting glare in the process, before turning batch to Nathaniel. “I’m right, aren’t I? You choose not to hear me, and instead pretend to sleep, hiding away inside your own mind, running from the misdeeds you have done! How does it feel to be stuck inside there, with the only person who ever really loved you? How doe…”

“Michael, PLEASE! He’s DEAD, and by the look of it he’s been dead for a while, which means he’s no use to us anymore…..”

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