A Pray To Tell – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…He looks over the rim of his glasses with a vile bag of distaste soaked in his once vibrant eyes, then sneers callously, like a troll awaiting a goat to cross its bridge. “I don’t think you fully understand the predicament you are in young sir, so I will elaborate, to allow you to prepare whatever time you have left. For, these are the sins we pay to wash away,” he says with a flippant smile drawn uncharacteristically across his tired lips.

“Y-Y-You know h-her, d-don’t you?” Jason asks with trembling trepidation.

“Knew,” he says as he looks away, and down at the assorted collection of surgical implements that sit on a tray before him.

“S-S-Sorry?” Jason stammers nervously.

“Why?” he asks as he rolls his head to its side, staring at Jason with wide curious eyes.

“W-W-Why what?”

His eyes blink softly several times before a smile casts itself across his pinstriped lips and a gentle sigh escapes his lips. “Why are you sorry? Is it that you’re sorry you killed her, or are you sorry that you spoke about her in the here and now, and not then and there?”

Jason looks down and frowns. “B-Both….”

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