Boxes For The Flower Bed – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The dull hum from the lights faded into the background, although if he pushed his ears to listen specifically for them, they would easily be brought back into the forefront, but for now it had become just another part of the world around him, a world of noises out of his control.

“A planter box, that’s what we can get!” Julian exclaims loudly, with a wide-eyed grin upon his lips.

“A-A-A planter box? Why t-the FUCK would that be the one thing you’d buy if you won all that money?” Stevie asks as he pulls his attention away from the noises around him and over to Julian.

“Because it would be the gift that keeps on giving! A slew of treats grown right here, in my garden, for everyone to enjoy! What’s not to want about that idea?”

“Don’t you mean OUR garden?”

“Does it matter whose garden it is?”

“Well, if you’re going to be making money from it, I believe it does!” he spits back with vivacious gestures of his hands, as if he was part of a dance troop putting on a show for the sailors who had just arrived in port and were looking for a good time.

“Not EVERYTHING is about MONEY!”….

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