Life Didn’t Ride A Horse – A 5 Minute Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“My life didn’t pan out as well as I had so carefully planned.” he says as he lifts his eyebrows high from the crevasse they were moments ago folded tragically down upon. “Those are the words that will one day be carved upon my headstone, I tell you that as a fact, for it is true! I know by the look in your eyes you are thinking I’m being a bit overdramatic with my words, but that’s okay, because sometimes a little bit of flair is needed when you are playing to a crowd such as this, of course it also helps that I don’t really care what you think anymore either.” he adds with a withered smile that slowly fade from his lips.

“Well, you got there pretty quickly, didn’t you?”

He shakes his head. “I would beg to differ with that, as you can’t really put a limit on how much time is associated to each and every event, especially when such an event is like the one you have presented to me. You see, this event has so many negative aspects attributed to it, aspects that you have brought with you, that have affected it in so many interesting ways that time itself is a thing of unparalleled care and fact. So no, time is effectively retarted by your being here.”

“Are you trying to say I’m the one responsible for your life spiralling out of control?”

“Are you not? Is not what has happened today anyone else fault but yours? Had you not been here, I would’ve freely escaped the clutches of these demonic dogs, and sailed away to the freedom I have tirelessly worked my arse off to achieve. So yes, yes I am blaming you!”

“And where do you fit into this charade that you have depicted before yourself today, for that is what it is! A LIE! A PATHETIC display by you, so you can try and hide from your own bad choices in life!”

“ME! I am NOT the blame! YOU! YOU and Everything YOU touch turns to mud, yet you and your life somehow manages to proceed on some preapproved course, never deviating, but decimating the lives of those that surround you. I am not trying to say anything, what I am saying is that you are a NEGATIVE INFLUENCE!”

“Yet, you are still here?”


“And what is it you see?”

“I SEE YOU!” he spits with an explosion of venomous anger. “I SEE ALL THAT YOU ARE, AND I HATE IT!”

“That doesn’t explain what you see, it just sugar coats lies! Tell ME what YOU REALLY see! Tell ME who I REALLY am!”

“Y-Y-You know w-who you a-are, a-a-and you d-don’t nee…”

“TELL ME WHO I AM!” he roars with spit flinging from his mouth like fire, scorching the earth as if the wad of saliva were hot balls of lava.

“YOU’RE ME!” he bellows back as he thrusts a tightly clenched fist into the mirror, hitting it like a soggy cabbage hitting a slab of concrete as tears tumble down his cheeks as he hits the mirror again and again, making no mark of his own, while his reflection watches on with a broad smile upon his dry, cracked lips….

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