When The Shadow Does Not Fall – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I know it’s trippy as FUCK isn’t it?” Jerome says with a broad grin upon his lips as he gently taps Paul in his arm.

“H-H-How’s it d-done?”

Jerome scoffs, “PFFFT! FUCKED if I know man, all I know is that it is. Everything else after that is purely fiction as far as I’m concerned, so you can tell your own story there.”

“B-B-But doesn’t it w-worry you?”

“What part of it should exactly worry me?”

One of Paul’s eyes open wide with wonder, while the other eyebrow turns sharply down with curiosity. “A-A-ALL OF IT!”

“All of it? Calm down there Highlander, there ain’t no need for there to be only one!” Jerome says with several layers of sarcasm dripping off his words.

“W-W-What the FUCK does there being only one have to do with what were talking about? A-A-Aren’t you worried that you no longer have a shadow?”

“Are you?”


“I get that, I really do. But don’t you find that peculiarly unusual that you’re not?”

“W-W-WHAT?” Paul spits as he shakes his head in disbelief and casts a confused wide-eyed glare towards him.….

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