The Sea Shall Follow – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Everything I did, I did for YOU! I-I-I, I did for US!” he spits with eyes wild and wide, a thick foam forming in the corners of his mouth. Y-Y-You can’t allow t-those CUNTS t-to get inside your head! T-T-Trying to break us a-apart!”

A tear tumbles down her cheek speedily, dropping from her chin and daring desperately towards the muddy floorboards that they both now stand on. “T-T-They can’t b-b-b-break what isn’t t-t-together,” she stammers as she clutches her own mouth tightly and sobs uncontrollably. He goes to grip her, but she pushes him away with her free hand. “NO! IT’S TO L-LATE, THE T-THINGS YOU’VE DONE, I-I-I, I CAN’T F-F-FORGIVE!” she screams loudly as a sea of saliva and tears fly from her mouth, spraying a wide birth of green spittle around her.

His eyes widen and his hands tremble as he takes a clumsy step backwards, pointing a finger towards her in horror. Then with a twist of his lips, he grips his face and tears wildly at his own flesh, as if he was trying to get at something that was beneath the skins surface. A bemused smile worms its way across her pouted lips, and she winks at him playfully.

“The sea shall follow!” she purrs.

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