A Lie Is Worth The Damnation – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….“You think just because what you say isn’t a lie, makes it the truth! Don’t you?” Shamus spits through overly saturated lips. “You think you’re some kind of truth sayer, sent to lord over the petty liars living in their rundown hobbles! You think you’re some kind of god! Don’t you?”

Phoebe smiles softly and gently places a fight against her lips, “Hush now father, you mustn’t draw the wrath of he who can’t be denied.” she purrs playfully. “I can only stay his hand for so long, after that your fate is his and his alone.”

“THEN STAND ASIDE AND LET THE DEMON STRIKE ME DOWN! I DON’T CARE TO BE IN YOUR DEBT FOR ANYTHING, WHORE!” he bellows with a face as red as the flesh of a tomato.

“You would rather face certain death, than have me protect you? Y-You would prefer damnation eternal, over l-living in my debt?”

He nods his head vigorously. “TOO FUCKING RIGHT! TOO FUCKING RIGHT!”

Her smile broadens. “Good, that’s what I thought you said!”…

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