Casually We Cried – 50 Word Story

He stares into her hate filled eyes and spits venomously towards her. “You shall not have what is not yours. You shall only have the leftovers, and nothing more!”The sneer that creeps across her lips cuts through the air more than her words ever could, separating flesh from bone.

We Of Definition – 50 Word Story

“A defining moment, you called it. A twisted defining moment. Yet the moment wasn’t defining, was it?” he says as he looks across the room towards her. “But, I died. Wasn’t that defining enough?” “Death doesn’t define anything, it is but a stepping stone, a misguided glance, an endless nothing.”

I See A Pattern – 50 Word Story

“So, you don’t agree with my methods?” Caliban says with a grin upon his lips. “I thought they were tried and true, and I can assure you after a century or more than has been no complaints from the audience,” he adds, flicking his tongue across his red ripe lips.

Toothless Whispers – 50 Word Story

“The kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?” he says with a toothy smile. Carol smiles nervously as she presses herself up against the wall, and slides past him quickly. “W-W-What?” he stammers, as he twists and turns, shifting not only his stance, but every fiber of his very being.

Dish Drummers – 50 Word Story

In fevered desperation he shoves fingers down his throat, hoping to somehow vomit the parasite from within him, but he only finds bile and blood his reward. With one last almighty cry he punches himself in his own chest over and over again, like a drummer obtaining the perfect beat.

Something Sickening – 50 Word Story

His teeth fly through the air performing remarkable pirouettes before hitting the floor seconds before he does. Blood seeps quickly from his mouth, as he lies unresponsive on the ground for far longer than he dared wish. He stares at the three teeth that lie on the floorboards before him.