Daily Grind – The Roundhead – Definitive Edition

One year ago today, The Roundhead truly began, the fist post of its 7 day story arc still holds the biggest hit my blog ever achieved. Now today, well, more like yesterday by the time this is actually posted. The Roundhead has once again graced October with its presence, this time, in a more complete…

The Art Of Yazgar – Inspired Madness

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A quick sketch inspired by a recent short by Mr Tonks over at Twisted roads  Some great, dark poetry happening over there at the moment. Go check it out😉 Timelapse over on my Instagram, Twitter & Facebook feeds as always😉

The Art Of Yazgar – Digital Doodle 7

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Digital Doodle 7 *Timelapse over on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter😃 More black canvas digital monster fun. It’s all about working with these brushes at the moment… and it’s just plain fun!😉 

The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 365 !!

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Daily Doodle 365 !! Woo hoo!🎉 Well here I am, making paper angels with my 365 days of Daily Doodles!😄 I feel a real sense of pride in reaching this goal, never missing a day, and overall, very happy with what I’ve learnt so far and what I’ve put out into…

Daily Grind – Yet Again, He Mocks Us!

Yet again he mocks from where he hides, come out, see me, I’ll show you my scars and, I’ll show you the beast, in all its glory, and then it will feast upon your sin! What Gareth? Are you afraid of this withered beast?

Daily Grind – It’s Getting Personal

He mocks me the bastard, trying to twist my pain, making light of my darkness, my falling. It arrived in my inbox this morning, the email address, fake, non-existent. Gareth, why? Why do you do this? What did I ever do to you?  

The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 255

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Daily Doodle 255 …standing atop the mountain of bodies, he surveys the kingdom he has created and smiles… … as he lays eyes on his next victim… Congrats to Twisted Roads of Madness for his 300th day👍🏻 #dailydoodle

The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 232

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Daily Doodle 232 Got myself some jumbo ink!😃😄 Re-reading the Bad Day short stories and got inspired. If you like short stories and enjoy stuff like Die Hard / John Wick / Escape from NY and Big Trouble in Little China, then check out this great series of shorts from Twisted Roads…

The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 204

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Daily Doodle 204 Brainstorming / doodle of #Betha from Twisted Roads of Madness scifi epic “Dark Star” . Not really what I was after but that’s ok😄 #dailydoodle