The Art Of Yazgar – Inspired Madness

My good friend Yazgar had a read of M is for’s final draft, and came up with this dark image. Totally smashed it in so many ways, humbled to know words inspired this.


A quick sketch inspired by a recent short by Mr Tonks over at Twisted roads  Some great, dark poetry happening over there at the moment. Go check it out😉

Timelapse over on my Instagram, Twitter & Facebook feeds as always😉

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The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 365 !!

Congratulations mate! What an amazing journey you’ve been on so far, and how you’ve changed from the man I spoke to a bit over a year ago about where he wanted to go with his craft. I’ve seen your focus redirected, tricks added to your bag, and I can say proudly, it’s been an honour to witness, I’m excited to see what you’re going to do next!!


Daily Doodle 365 !!

Woo hoo!🎉

Well here I am, making paper angels with my 365 days of Daily Doodles!😄 I feel a real sense of pride in reaching this goal, never missing a day, and overall, very happy with what I’ve learnt so far and what I’ve put out into the world😃.

So now what? Good question. Firstly I’m taking a few days off from posting artwork… but just a few, just so I remember what that feels like!😄 After the break I will be posting regularly again, perhaps daily as the Daily Doodles or maybe something else. I’ll also be reorganising some online stuff along the way.

One thing I’ve been asked about quite a bit over the last year, especially on Instagram is “are prints available?”, which is very humbling😊 So I’m happy to say YES👍 Details will be available this time tomorrow, so stay tuned for that😉.


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The Art Of Yazgar – Daily Doodle 255

what can I say, thanks so much, the rides been fun, but, it’s not over yet! Not by a long shot, there is many beasts waiting to crawl out of the darkness, and one familiar one…


Daily Doodle 255

…standing atop the mountain of bodies, he surveys the kingdom he has created and smiles…

… as he lays eyes on his next victim…

Congrats to Twisted Roads of Madness for his 300th day👍🏻


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