Fools Eyes – 50 Word Story

”I grew tired of your petty bullshit when we were growing up, and I have no time to deal with it now. So either finish what you have started on this night, or I will.” Damien hisses through bloody teeth, and Sebastian’s smile grows in size. “Tonight isn’t the start!”

Mamma’s Call – 50 Word Story

“It must come to an end honey, the before time is over, and the great haul has kept us in toilet tissues for many months. But that time is over when the tissues go. You must forge a new destiny. You must take the tissues from those who have it."

The Devil Sent You – 50 Word Story

Stevie smiles wryly, “That’s the game rubbing off, it always does. No matter how perfect you think you are. No matter how righteous your fight is. The game corrupts many a good man to be his weapon, you are just it’s latest pawn, designed to take someone else’s.” Harry scoffs.

Slide Inside The Single Side – 50 Word Story

She stares at him intensely for some moments. “What’ll happen if I touch it?” She asks as she lets him go. “I don’t know, all she said was dire things would happen, things that no self-minded individual would want to happen.” “What sort of answer is that supposed to be?”

Recovering Addict Of Fertility – Unhinged Poem

I’m not in love with killing myself, but I’m in love with killing you, sequences given to the imagination of the unknown, a plague from the pages of books long gone, humanity a footnote in someone else’s sun, written on my deathbed, tearing pages from a book of poems, which this is one..

Sleep To Be Free – Unhinged Poem

I am beneath the pain I once thought I was above, this today that has come is more than what was once known, yesterday I saw an image, tomorrow I see decay, a world trapped in madness, a sea full of betrayed promises, a moment, a forgiveness, my bitterness flying free, sleep to be free....

Transformation Of A Tomorrow – Unhinged Poem

Closing in on a sin so real, a precaution slowly becoming a reality, claustrophobia experienced in the open air, a world shrinking, tomorrow no longer there, my stomach empty, a noose hanging before me, my phobia, my sin, a perfect setting for it to all come down..

Rock-It-Billy – 50 Word Story

He doesn’t get to finish as Billy spins around and thrust the knifes blade into Stan’s gut. “QUIT TELLING ME WHAT TO DO STAN! MY THUNDERBIRD’S THE FASTEST! MY HAIRS THE SHINIEST, AND I’M THE SINGER OF THE BAND, SO I’M THE ONE WHO MAKES ALL THE GOD DAMN RULES!”

The Passengers – Unhinged Poem

Take the blame, see the shame, written across the worlds facade, a shiny star, on the setting sun, a dissolving decay, slight of hand, blood on the land, burials, bonfires, lasting impressions, a recycled landscape, where all passengers get off for free, where bitterness is a disease, a your disease is mine as well..