Confined Spatial Spaces – Unhinged Poem

A former numbness, represented now by a thumping, unrelenting descent into a tomorrow unhinged, tethers lost as the wheels turn, a sail full, thy direction not mine, spitefulness of my pain, I regress, I fall back within, a blackened thing, a soiled heart, my eyes not open, my self no longer me…

Without A Thud – 50 Word Story

The jar hits the ground with a volatile explosion, sending shards of glass and strawberry jam across the floor in all directions. He looks up at the others and smiles wryly and holds out his hand.“Pay up,” he says proudly.“Seriously?”“What, you think I was joking?” he sneers.

Never Used So Many Things Incomplete – Unhinged Poem

The wand you’ve been wielding, never seemed complete, the narrow hallways lived in, always seemed so steep, the glass was never empty, but it was never full, you’re moving away from me, even though you can’t move, you were quietly broken, we thought you’d healed, the door was always open, you just didn’t want to …

Casually We Cried – 50 Word Story

He stares into her hate filled eyes and spits venomously towards her. “You shall not have what is not yours. You shall only have the leftovers, and nothing more!”The sneer that creeps across her lips cuts through the air more than her words ever could, separating flesh from bone.