50 Word Story – Feeding The Flames

“There are something you don’t want to know, trust me,” He says flashing a wry smile as he gets to his feet. “Now, if you don’t mind, I have other more important things to do tonight.” ”You’re lying,” she says, grabbing him by the arm, his eyes erupt with power.

50 Word Story – Former Modification

“So, you’re denying it then?” ”Of course I’m fucking denying it! I never touched any of them, why would I?” He says wriggling his way free from their grip. “What’s that supposed to mean?” ”What’s, what supposed to mean?” He says confused. ”What does ‘why would you’ mean?” ”The fuck?”

50 Word Story – Broken Conversations

Derek pulls himself to his knees, using the headstone to brace himself against. He tastes the saltiness of his blood, feeling around in his mouth with his tongue, he touches the broken roots that remain from where his teeth once were, then spits a mouthful of blood to the ground.  

50 Word Story – It’s All In The Timing

“You think, after all these years, after countless men, men greater than you, men who did more than you could ever dream to do,” he says, lifting Cassidy’s broken, bloody body from the ground. “What made you think you would be the one to claim me?” ”B-B-B-Because you’ve gotten old.”

50 Word Story – Kettle Boils Over

“If you would all stop your pathetic sniveling, I’ll move onto something uplifting, rather than me ranting and raving about how I actually feel about you all,” he says, looking around the now silent classroom. ”That’s much better, how refreshing it is to actually have you all listening for once.”

50 Word Story – Past Services Denied

“I cannot be what you want me to be,” she says, gently placing a hand on his. His bottom lip trembles as he fights back the tears, “Why?” ”You know my answer.” ”Then you’ll also know what I’ll do to them, won’t you? They’ll all suffer because of you?” ”Yes.”

50 Word Story – Blades In The Sand

He falls to his knees, clutching at his throat as blood gushes from it, perfectly in tune with his heart. He tumbled forward, hitting the ground with such force, that his head vibrates like a metal drummers cymbal, and, as everything goes dark, he catches a glimpse of her smile.