Sustainable Growth Within An Unapologetic World Ruled By Reality TV – Wrapped In Words

Stereo sound roaring in my ears, discomfort disconnects the feeling that transcends fear is with what was, pittance for a morsel of insanity bathed in the winds of resentment, pacify the unbelievers with words suffocating the downtrodden, can’t you hear my cries? I’m being eaten alive by my own self loathing, hesitate me, fucking hate me, …

The Twisted Verse That Makes No Sense Of Time Personified – Wrapped In Words

Kill the father of the beast, poison the child and watch it scatter, find the bitch that carried it for an eternity before it was time to birth it into this fucked up world and bleed her dry, capture the sinner, prepare them for death, suck the marrow from their bones for dinner, twisting and turning …

Naked Flames Against The Flesh Of A Sin Laid Bare – Wrapped In Words

Watch the waves wash away the twinkle in my eyes, a sadness malformed within the complexities of an imaginary insanity lost beneath the madness of forthright convictions, salivate the sadness of tomorrow, signify what mistakes will be when they are yet to be that, break the mood that would be filled with a sack full …

Fascinating Fanfare For The Pathetic Bastard Who Disowned A Regressive Sinner – Wrapped In Words

With no intention the segregation is designated, victimised insanity lost in the innocence of forever, yesterday’s insignificant mistakes twist into today’s grievances, topple the kingdom built upon the suffering, entice the eccentric landlord of thy own demise with candy and chocolate covered shit, replicate and reciprocate a lie, fornicate with those who are not yours, …

Removing My Intestines With A Blunt Knife – Wrapped In Words

Keep the curve well oiled as the wall falls before us, decide how it ends and let the darkness swallow those unwilling to meet their own suffering, then dwell in the suffocating of those who truly ingest inside themselves with a glee trodden ignorance of the inner brilliance of insignificance, decoration to those who see …

My Shadow Wrapped In The Scar Tissue Of A Million Sins. – Wrapped In Words

Scratching at my insides, wanting out, my leper, my messiah, my scars inside, thrashing about like a demented child, killing animals and playing with fire, my disgusting insides like an overused vagina, scratching at my insides, wanting out, my leper, my messiah, my scars inside, blood washes over me from above where I can’t see, …

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