Day 309 – The Ending Is Better – 50 Word Story

"... So, instead of telling you all that shit. I'm going to tell you how it all ends. Because, basically, when you get down to the bare bones, it's the same as the start, just fewer characters, more violence, and warmer feeling down in the old bread box, so to speak."

Day 308 – Pale Fact – 50 Word Story

He grips the blade and thrusts it deep within her stomach, her eyes grow wide, her mouth, falls open, and quivers. "W-W-Why?" She asks, he smiles and pushes the blade in deeper. "Why not?" He replies, she grabs all the energy she has left and drives her head into his.

Day 307 – Bring Me Palco – 50 Word Story

"I said, I didn't care what you thought, I just want you to do what I say!" He yells, smashing a fits down onto the table, a plate jumps with the impact, and crashes back down, splitting in half, She looks down at it, then up at him angrily. "Bastard!"

Day 306 – A Dream – 50 Word Story

She grips the handle of the blade tightly, and bites down on her bottom lip, before looking up at him, the blood runs quickly down his face, he smiles, a demented, wry smile. "Well? Are you game?" He asks. "Are you a fucking retard?" "Depends on who you ask, maybe?"