Granny Ganson – 50 Word Story

“Why yes dear, today I’m going out to visit some guy I met on tinder for a gang bang with his four mates. Apparently they are all well hung and know just how to take care of an older woman.” She says in a croaky voice, jokingly impersonating her grandmother.

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If unicorns were easier to write about, I would have several volumes of some really good shit. Sadly, a horse with a massive dildo strapped to its head doesn't make for good material... Matt She smiles awkwardly, in the way you would if you were trying to be sarcastic. But unfortunately, she doesn’t have the …

Sell Shit To A Sea Shell – 50 Word Story

“Tough day?” The man standing next to him says enthusiastically. Nathan grumbles his reply. The man smiles broadly as he slaps him on the back, and laughs. “The names Paul, and I know exactly how you feel. Wife drag you here?” Nathan sighs as he shakes off and zips up.

Sacrificial Surgery – 50 Word Story

“You never had any other opinion of what was before us. I never gave you any other understanding of what I thought of you. You are the one who holds this world in your own actions. I am but a tool, an excuse. Face your true self and know that.”

We The Desk Dogs – 50 Word Story

He smiles softly, “Tell me Stanley, when you decided to sneak your sister onto the school grounds after she had clearly been infested with those that live outside the Walls of New Jerusalem…” “STOP CALLING IT THAT!” Stanley yells as he launches to his feet. “IT’S JUST A FUCKING FENCE!”

A Journey Of Sisters – 50 Word Story

Her jaw locks tightly and the muscles along her jawline tighten, then relax and she sighs softly. “The tomorrow I saw holds danger and death, some which you cannot blame yourself for. If I show you what this journey will bring, you may very well abandon what must be done.

Survival Of The Saviour – 50 Word Story

“For a lunatic your theory almost sounds plausible. Except you’re holding the picture upside down.” They stare at each other for a few moments before Sebastian launches to his feet and dives desperately towards Milo, only to find him nothing but a hologram. “COWARD! Come face me like a MAN!"

In for A Penance – 50 Word Story

”Is he living now, or is he living then?” “The finest question I have ever been asked,” it replies, “He is alive as we speak, and he will be alive after we have as well, but he won’t be living forever.” “So he’s a son of Adam?” “Yes,” it replies.