Recovering Addict Of Fertility – Unhinged Poem

I’m not in love with killing myself, but I’m in love with killing you, sequences given to the imagination of the unknown, a plague from the pages of books long gone, humanity a footnote in someone else’s sun, written on my deathbed, tearing pages from a book of poems, which this is one..

Sleep To Be Free – Unhinged Poem

I am beneath the pain I once thought I was above, this today that has come is more than what was once known, yesterday I saw an image, tomorrow I see decay, a world trapped in madness, a sea full of betrayed promises, a moment, a forgiveness, my bitterness flying free, sleep to be free....

Transformation Of A Tomorrow – Unhinged Poem

Closing in on a sin so real, a precaution slowly becoming a reality, claustrophobia experienced in the open air, a world shrinking, tomorrow no longer there, my stomach empty, a noose hanging before me, my phobia, my sin, a perfect setting for it to all come down..

The Passengers – Unhinged Poem

Take the blame, see the shame, written across the worlds facade, a shiny star, on the setting sun, a dissolving decay, sleight of hand, blood on the land, burials, bonfires, lasting impressions, a recycled landscape, where all passengers get off for free, where bitterness is a disease, and your disease is mine as well..