The Machinations Of Times Hands

Star crossed at birth, never meant to be, never meant to see, joining as one, towards an ending, an impossibility, born from a beginning, that should've never been, perfection, how can it be fought, destinies wicked tentacles, wrap around us, as we share one last kiss, before we end it all.

Nightmares In Peroxide

Seething, writing, agony, broken, is this who I am? Is this me? Is this my life?  Where have I been? What have I become? did I fall so far, did I sink so low, that I forgot, I lost, who I was, and became, who I am, someone I don't know...

See Me Through Blind Eyes

See me stumble, watch me tumble, and as I fall downward, do not ask why, do not lay blame, for you cannot truly know what I have seen, where I have been, for you failed to know me, for you failed to see, who I was, and who, I could truly be.

Definition Of Endings

I still feel you, deep inside, like a disease, spreading your decay, killing all I am, reshaping, remaking, destroying, I don't want to be not me, but without me who will I be, what will I become, once your rot is done.  

Broken Down Fantasies

Separation, saturation, senses in a spin, closed eyes, open hands, spread wide, release me, free my soul, desecrate my remains, burn them with the lies I've told, burn all that I thought I was, make me something, make me worth more than I ever thought I was, make me, a man. 

The Lack Of Coagulation

Buried deep, below the skin, underneath your soul, it sits, waiting, darkness its friend, watch, through its eyes witness, the falling, the end, all things that make you who you are, witness, breath, relapse, blood, beating, heart, made of glass, this is your last, release.  

Perfect Child

Lost in the tales, you told me, lost in the worlds, you made me see, worlds bathed in beauty, worlds swallowed in fear, I danced to music, music that only I hear, you marked in your darkness, where I was protected from the light, you made me your perfect child, your perfect child of the night.  

As One

As one, we are, not together, not apart, fused, intertwined, your arms, wrapped in mine, your legs, twisted around mine, as one, but yet, I am alone.