Lets gets this journey started!

So I decided to do something silly, something insane, to help fulfill many things within my brain and within myself. I decided to challenge myself to not only write more often but to get what I write out there, and so today, Friday the 13th (I know, spooky right) I begin my daily blog, my daily vomit of ideas that spin violently around in my head and never escape, their door is open to the world.

What are these ideas, do they have a road that they will inevitably travel to?

I have no answer, all I have for that questions is this answer,  I just want to get these ideas out of my head, I want to explore them, well some of them. To be honest within this textured world of insanity lies my true self, my true passion, my true story, one I have been working my way through for years, one that I will share pieces of with you many times, over the next 365 days. But not all will be this one world, this one theme, some ideas will be what they are and stay that way, a mess of words on the screen, and others will develop, change, become more sometime, in the future.

So why not join me in this venture, let me know if a story works for you and if you want to know more, or of you think it’s trash, honestly there will be trash and auto-corrected travesties left and right, but the nature and intent of this exercise will not be lost. So come and sit with me a while and lets see what happens.


5 thoughts on “Lets gets this journey started!

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the follow over at my place. Feel free to visit any time. You have an interesting idea here, to write something like this every day. I like the look of your blog, with the red/black/white, too! Looking forward to reading from day one! 🙂

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