Out With The New, In With The Old….

Yes, it’s true, the site has undergone a step backwards, where it always was meant to go, at some stage of the story that was taking place, but, things area taking turns where it may not be able to continue the way I wanted it to.

This is partly due to some exciting things we’ll share with you soon, and a few opportunities to participate in all the fun filled activities as they make themselves available.

Let the twisted roads rise up and greet you, as we take a new corner, on our ride, into the unknown.


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Tonight, Let’s Start A Story

What did those idiotic boys have to read, what stories were told, what darkness was given flight?

Tonight, we’ll begin a journey to see what words crafted the world of one, Mister Marty Towns.

What shape does his demon take, and how can he avoid its touch?


The Past Always Has A Way Of Shaping The Future

He lived at the end of our street when I was a kid growing up, nowadays he’d be labeled one of those guys to watch out for around your kids, but he was harmless, a gentle old soul who’d withered with age. He always sat on the porch of his run down house, the doors hung off, most of the windows broken, but he didn’t care, and he’d always smile when I went to visit. Then he’d tell me stories, fascinating, unbelievable stories, stories that would put a glimmer in his eye, and a broad smile on his face.

I was fifteen when Marty Tonks passed away, but, I think he stayed with me long after that, I think part of his excitement for stories rubbed off on me, I guess that’s why I named my characters after him.

Twisted Tales Of The Damned – I’m Losing It

The last 24 hours have been a mashup of moments, fractions of seconds, that when pieced together make no sense at all.

I remember the man from the white room,  the imposter, the book, the shadow, and, the little girl screaming, terrified and, and a woman, Clare?

The rest seems like poorly sown together images, distorted through eyes not mine, eyes weary from a full night worth of drinking, a throat and lungs stained and burnt with the smoke from a packet or more of cigarettes. But yet, I have no recognition of any of these things, just the after tastes, just the aches and pains.

What happened to me last night?

It was then I noticed the folder the strange man from the white room had left me somehow ended up spread across the lounge room, pages from it were torn in peices, others brunt, I needed to know what happened, what drove me to destroy something that the man said would help me. Whatever good it would do me now, was little to nothing, that’s when I noticed the folder still had something in it, when I opened the folder I found the story still complete. It was then that I noticed in the mess spread around that there were multiple copies of pages, I realized this last night I’d tried to destroy the book, only to find it replenished itself back in the folder.

What madness is going on, and how in the fucking hell do I escape it?


Twisted Roads Of Madness – Last Night

Don’t ask me what happened last night, I can’t tell you. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I don’t remember.

I went to the house sometime after eleven last night, it was quiet, nothing seemed out of place, basically, the way we had left it when we took off earlier. I turned on all the lights as I walked from room to room, I did this more so because I wasn’t intending to sit in the fucking dark with who knows what in the house, and then I waited.

Well, that’s not entirely true, I called out, abused, threatened, spat, burst a blood vessel in my left eye, and stubbed my right foot’s big toe on the door frame that leads to my bedroom. But besides all that, I waiting for whatever it was to come back, to pick on someone who could fight back instead of a four year old girl.

I remember a flash, a noise behind me, and then, I woke in my car, it was still running, I was outside the hotel, the drive side door was hanging open, instinctively I looked up terrified, towards the door to the room I had left my wife and daughter in, it was wide open, I heard my wife scream and tried to leap from the car, only to find my seat belt was still lock in place around me, I felt like a right fucking idiot. Once I released it I ran up the stair and into the hotel room, my wife looked at me, her face pale, frighted, she yelled at me to stay away. I put my hands up in defense, I tried to reason with her, demanding to know what was wrong, but she started screaming louder, I didn’t know what else to do so I left, I ran outside, whatever brought me here, it’d done something to her, turned her against me, I had to find a way to stop whatever was happening. I had to find out what it wanted.

When I got back in my car, I noticed a folder on the passenger side seat, it was folder the odd man from the white room, then one from my dreams had given me a few days ago, I still hadn’t opened it, maybe that’s what it wanted, maybe it me to open the folder, read the story, whatever it was about.

I started up the car, and headed towards anywhere but home, I need some air, to somewhere safe, away from all those I love, and somewhere I could read this story.

That was a few hours ago, I’ve had six miss calls from my wife, four from work and seventeen from unlisted numbers, whatever’s going on, this folder, this story has something to do with it, and it’s about time I found out.


Twisted Roads Of Madness – Camera Footage

My wife doesn’t want me going back to the house on my own, she’s worried something’s going to happen, it was only intensified by this footage I found on my daughters bedroom camera. I didn’t bother to bring my laptop so I’ve used my phones camera to record it.

I can’t not go back, not now, whoever that is, whatever he wants, I’ve got to deal with it now, before he hurts someone.

I wish I never started this fucking blog, and I still don’t know why I’m fucking posting this shit, it’s like I have no choice, like, if I don’t, I won’t exist…

Twisted Roads Of Madness – That Sinking Feeling

Not long after I posted my last post, my daughter came to me crying, totally inconsolable, and it took a good fifteen minutes to finally get her to calm down enough to even talk to us, and when she finally started to make sense I rushed to her room searching it from top to bottom.

She told us the man in her room had yelled at her, normally he was nice and played with her, but today his wasn’t being nice at all.

When I asked her what this man looked like she picked up a scrap of paper off the floor and held it up, saying this was the man.

I grabbed what little mattered and took everyone to the hotel we are now sitting in, some twelve blocks from our home, my wife thinks I’m crazy, but she can’t deny that our daughter has been acting strange the last few days, and she has felt an uncomfortable feeling in the house. So, I’ve spent the last few minutes pouring though security footage of my daughters room. Yes, sadly I’m one of those high tech dads who fit their babies room out with cameras so we would sleep soundly at night knowing she was okay.

So far I haven’t seen anything unusual, but, the footage from before she ran out of the bedroom is missing, the camera for some reason stopped recording, that doesn’t make me feel safe. Regardless, once everyone’s settled, I’m going back to the house tonight, I have to find out what the bloody hell’s going on, because if somethings threatening my family, I have to stop it.