A Twisted Kiss On New Years Eve Released

2017 is no more, so come celebrate the end of the year with some dark tales, lost on the insane and twisting roads that venture forth into your madness.


The twisted roads points to many a dead end, but can you find your way out of 2017, and into the light of 2018? Will the madness that you suffer from allow it?
Join us and find out as we venture through 31 short stories bathed in the winding roads that make up your insanity. See what horrors hide behind the door of Old Man MacRaw’s, find your peace in the pigeons as your debtor comes calling, avoid seeking help from the medical trade and see what grows from ignorance.
Find these stories and more lost on the twisted roads of your own madness as you steal a kiss that will seal your fate.

Available to buy in ebook format from Amazon HERE, (please make sure your geographical location is set to your country so you can purchase a copy) as well as all other ebook suppliers.

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