50 Word Story

A Mismatched Agreement – 50 Word Story

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he says as he leans across the table. “I expect you to not only drop whatever vile deeds you are knees deep in, but I also expect you to be eager and ready when I do! Now once more, but this time with feeling dear doctor.

4 replies on “A Mismatched Agreement – 50 Word Story”

Somehow my mind has begun to ops
Out both my ears causing me to forget
Who is who and where certain people are and who aren’t,unfortunately Mathew I lost you in and amongst
Blogosphere I hope its not to late
Your Briefly

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My friend it is never too late, and I have been away from the blog space, spending time with my daughter before her turbulent year of kindergarten starts in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed for all, keep well my friend.


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