Puzzle Pieces Hidden – 50 Word Story

“Together we can get you back on your feet.” “DON’T BELITTLE ME! I’M NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF ANY SORT OF EPISODE, AND THE ONLY BREAKDOWN IS THE WALLS OF REALITY! LOOK AT THE PATTERN AND THEN YOU WILL SEE!” He bellows as he scrambles from out of the shadows.

It’s Just A Cough – 50 Word Story

“Shit, I coughed into my armpit, I always do!” “BULLSHIT!” He yells, his face white with panic. “YOU JUST SPRAYED MY FUCKING CHAIR LIKE IT WAS A POT PLANT!” “Now you’re just overreacting.” “FEEL IT!” He yells pointing at the head rest of his chair. “Will you two stop arguing!”

Veronica – 50 Word Story

She quickly spins around and grabs the glass and thrusts it into his face, shattering it into the side of his cheek. The water washes over his face, while the glass slices through his flesh, and he screams out in pain. “I’m so sorry,” she says as she sits up.

Just Follow The Plan – 50 Word Story

“WHAT HAPPEN’S IF WE DON’T MAKE IT OUT?” “That’s not going to happen, not if we follow the plan.” “The plan is stupid! It’s got bigger holes in it than my underwear, and my nuts are hanging through them.” “The plan is perfect, in fact the plan is absolutely gorgeous.”

The Ten – 50 Word Story

“What?” “Opioids.” He says again, and still she looks at him confused. “I smoke opioids, not weed,” he says, his arms animated with frustration. “Shouldn’t that mean the chances of you suffering from hallucinations is considerably higher?” He scoffs, “I’ve been taking the same cocktail for the last twelve years....”

Time Spans A Road – 50 Word Story

“Are you going to try this again? You do remember what happened last time?” “Like you, I remember every day. Like you, I am cursed to never forget. So yes, I remember the last time we did this, but the thing about memories,” she says as she moves swiftly forward....

Yesterday, Yesterday – 50 Word Story

Calvert laughs again, “That’s the yesterday I’m talking about.” “It didn’t seem like it was the yesterday you were talking about a moment ago.” “I’m pretty sure I know what yesterday I’ve been talking about, you on the other hand, are on an entirely different cycle of yesterday’s than me.”

A Finer Line – 50 Word Story

“This is what you get for being a waste of space!” She hisses, grabbing him by the ears and delivering another mind-numbing head-butt that sends them both out of their bodies momentarily. “H-H-Had you just conformed, played the lover as requested, neither of us would be sitting here, like this!”

Fools Eyes – 50 Word Story

”I grew tired of your petty bullshit when we were growing up, and I have no time to deal with it now. So either finish what you have started on this night, or I will.” Damien hisses through bloody teeth, and Sebastian’s smile grows in size. “Tonight isn’t the start!”

Mamma’s Call – 50 Word Story

“It must come to an end honey, the before time is over, and the great haul has kept us in toilet tissues for many months. But that time is over when the tissues go. You must forge a new destiny. You must take the tissues from those who have it."