A Thousand Smiles – 50 Word Story

He thrusts the knife into the table and looks at her with sorrow filled eyes. “Sorry, I think I’ve somehow misunderstood the question. Do you think you’d be able to ask it again? Maybe this time though, can you possibly make it make sense.” he says with a broad grin.

Flesh Facade – 50 Word Story

He stands there, staring into the darkness, as the flesh that covers his face ebbs with an energy, then explodes open to reveal his mouth hiding beneath. He opens his mouth wide, twists it left, then twists it right, and then he smiles. “What if I could offer you something?”

My Jar Of Teeth – 50 Word Story

She picks up a dirty pair of pliers from the table, and takes several deep breaths. “Blood and bone, tooth and nail, give me what I ask!” she says, before grabbing one of her back molars with the pliers and yanking it out, followed closely by a sea of red.

A Question Lost – 50 Word Story

“It’s you! You’re the reason! You’re the one guilty of all this shit!” he hisses through a ratty spit drenched beard. “W-W-Why?” “That’s not the question you should be asking, for it should be, why not!” he retorts with glee. “You should see your face right now, it is priceless!”

Valtrus – 50 Word Story

“Where is he then Lyle? WHERE IS HE TO SAVE THE DAY?” Stanley hisses. Lyle swallows a harsh mouthful of air, and gives Cynthia a wink. “Dad’s been dead for almost seventeen years Stan, he’s not going to save the day today. It’s our time to be all we can.”

Sunroof Blues – 50 Word Story

Lewi smiles and nods his head in answer. “Seriously, you don’t feel compelled to smack something this beautiful on its perfect rear?” “It’s a car! Why the fuck would I want to smack a fucking car?” Lewi laughs, “The real question you should be asking yourself is, why shouldn’t you!”

The Contest – 50 Word Story

“I’M NOT THAT SMALL!” he bellows, as his face goes bright red and he tightens his hands into fists. “Pull it out and we’ll measure up, if I’m wrong, I’ll not only let you win, but I’ll give you a congratulatory blow-job as reward,” she says with a wry smile.