Sam The Man – 50 Word Story

“Sam The Man,” Officer Hedwig says, they both turn to him, then Simon turns to Fiona. “Name ring a bell?” “He was the Christian Construction worker, right?” She asks, as she turns back to Officer Hedwig. “Yeah, he was a ritualistic poster. Every Thursday he’d send her a new post...”

Mother’s Eyes – 50 Word Story

He stands and sashays around her, taking another drag on his cigarette. “What would you do to me?” He asks coyly. “WHAT?” She sneers. “What would you do to me, if you were free and had any opportunity?” She stares at him like a cat stares down a foolish bird.

Like Shoes Of New – 50 Word Story

“Please Melvin, whatever she did to you, let us help you, don’t tur….” The explosion the revolver makes interrupts his train of thought, as does the bullet that lodges itself into his skull. He stares silently towards Melvin, as his mouth opens and closes like a goldfish in a bowl.

The Voyage Of King Maxwell – 50 Word Story

“Did it hurt?” She asks as she turns to him. “It depends how you look at it, for him,” he says nodding towards his lifeless carcass that lies in front of them. “It hurt a whole lot. But when I say it, I’m talking about life. Death was the greatest...”

You Come Asking A Favour – 50 Word Story

“If you want me to help get this psycho off your back, you’ve got to show me you can follow directions without fail. So as a precursor to all that, and as a general rule going forward, while the grown-ups are talking, you’re going to sit there and patiently wait.”

A Father Knows – 50 Word Story

She laughs loudly, “There is no trust to be regained you old fool! For trust to be regained, it needs to be there to begin with! I have never trusted you, and therein lies your problem, so cry a different song father!” She hisses, each word laced with poisonous venom.

A Jump To The Left – 50 Word Story

This guy is full of shit,” Douglas whispers into Paula’s ear. “There’s no way he’s capable of achieving teleportation of an old crusty sock, let alone a room full of people. Once this piece of shit shows everyone exactly that, we’ll swoop in and get the contract.” He says proudly.