I’ll Make A Great Mirror – 50 Word Story

“Noted sister,” Shauna says with a wink and suave smile. “So, does that mean I’m in with a chance?” “Not in a month of any day’s honey, you’re just not my type.” “What if I said I could be, would that change your opinion of me?” “No,” She says softly.

The Glass Box – 50 Word Story

Jordan lets go of the twelve-inch blade and the decapitated head with a gasp, his bottom lip trembles sporadically as he stares at his blood covered hands. His left eye twitches as he stares around the room at the others, as they all too come out of their walking comas.

Paper Masks – 50 Word Story

They stare at each other in silence, before the shaman lets out a stuttered sigh, and stares at Samuel with eyes filled with sorrow. “This body is dying. I-I-Its cells are infected far beyond my ability to repair, and in this state, in this body. If I were to swap..”

Apples For Design – 50 Word Story

“I am pretty sure I never said that exact phrase. I said they are grown here, and not in a laboratory downtown like the rest of the fruit you find in the supermarkets. Besides, what makes you think the apple has had some ‘funky shit’ done to it?” Billy says.

Payment Must Be Given – 50 Word Story

“Shit kid, you’ve got some pent-up issues going on,” a voice says from behind, causing Carver to jump in fright. “W-W-What? H-How long have you been standing there for?” The old man leans to the side and stares at Satin’s remains and then back to Carver. “Does it really matter?”

My Little Raven – 50 Word Story

”You speak with the purposed reason, to preform clarity, but show weakness on levels that should remain hidden.” Angelica smiles and plays delicately with the butt of her cigarette, running her tongue across it like it was her lovers clit. “My little Raven, you mistake my captivation for a weakness.”

A Penance For Vengeance – 50 Word Story

“FUCK!” He screams into the sky, as tears stream down his cheeks. He turns his head to the right and stares at her empty eyes and lets out a long deep sigh. “T-T-T-This wasn’t what I planned, I-I-I, I,” he says softly as he looks back up into the sky.

Split The Deck – 50 Word Story

She lets out a stuttered sigh and slams an open hand down onto the table. “WHY DON’T YOU TELL US WHAT IT WAS THAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING THERE, AND I’LL LET YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE YOU ARE!” “O-O-Okay, keep your tits on.” He says with a childish giggle....

Ant Hill One – 50 Word Story

“Y-Y-Yo-You. W-W-What have YOU DONE!” Keith stammers as he staggers backwards clutching at his chest. Aaron smiles as he flicks the long locks of hair that have cascaded over his shoulders back behind him, and flippantly laughing as he does. “There is nothing I cannot do, y…” “Or won’t do!”

The Red Captain – 50 Word Story

“If I cared for dated shit Pere, I’m sure I would be impressed. But we both know it doesn’t do a god damn thing for me. Which makes me a bit dubious of asking the question, on why you brought me all the way up here in the first place.”