We Weed The Clay – Unhinged Poem

Plagues kill the sand beneath your feet, while words cut the skin from your flesh, a righteousness unknowingly flawed, a belief system designed to fail, atrocities Ignored, a family of sinners, children born to be kings, lords amoung the peasants, the deceptive bastards, the sinners all, tomorrow forever, yesterday ignored...

Pretty Bird – 50 Word Story

“You know I couldn't let them leave. For if they had told others of what I have done, then they would come and try and stop me. I couldn’t let them do that, not when I have more work to do. Can’t you just accept me for what I am?”

Reginald’s Lead – 50 Word Story

Lincoln stares in silence as his up turned lip slowly flattens and his hands unclench. “You are a madman, and a dimwit. The people deserve someone better than you, you incompetent CHILD!” “I may be all those things, but at least I’ll still be here tomorrow, unlike you,” Reginald says.