Before you lies pieces of a puzzle far grander than you could ever know. For scrawled in blood upon the pages of each book are twisted stories soaked in the embers of my insanity. Grotesque stories begging for your attention, if only for five minutes or less.

So give in and spend five minutes to glimpse inside the eyes of someone new, let your mind take off for five minutes to wonder, let it dance for five minutes and see that with only five minutes you could do almost anything.

A winner, a loser, a sex toy, a fake. A thrust, a kick, a butcher, a snake. Death and division, humanity askew. A belfry of bats, a sea of black cats, so many moments out there to see, so many things you could see with me.

So take a seat beside me and call it voodoo, because now you ride with me too as we trail off into the distance to discover a Creepypasta or two…