Goodbye To 2020TOO

And we’re done…

2020TOO is now a thing of the past, memories forgotten already, much like many of those that have been and gone before this day, and may will be gone after.

We have ventured down a turmoiled road, that wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped.

Many ideas became lost in the mix of what was, and what is, with some not even making it to print or paper.

But regardless of all that, the core idea was completed without fail.

For 365 days something new was created each day.

Ideas were born.

Stories were told.

Blood was spilt.

and most importantly, fun was had!

What does 2023 hold for us all, only time will tell, but to see it out as we kiss our shattered reflection into the new year, I share with you a couple of the short stories that have made themselves part of our last journey for 2022, the kiss for new year’s eve.

Until next time, be you, because you hold the key to your own existence, and that makes you a god in your world, never let anyone else tell you different.


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