11 (ELEVEN) Stages Of Hell – Daily Grind

Greetings from the darkened shores of my twisted roads, it’s been sometime since we last spoke, how are you? I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while, but I promise that is going to change as we progress through February.   If you’ve been visiting regularly over the last week (because nothing much else has…

Don’t Ignore My Words – Short Story

“I never dreamed it would be like this, I never knew these sort of feelings could be possible.” Talrone says with a bemused smile planted across his face. “Seven centuries of constant ridicule as the Far’Zk’Khan relentlessly hunted mankind down like dogs. Seven centuries where your species have almost become extinct through the known universe….

Across The Skyline – Short Story

As the engine explodes in a mess of reds and blues, Lakcin feels his body melt away around him as if a powerful sedative had just been injected into his blood system. His ears pop with static, a voice screams his name then nonsensical words spin round on a loop, somehow stuck in his head….

Prime Price Paid – Short Story

The ship surges forward and Khanka tumbles backwards, crashing to the ground with a volatile thud. “Refuse gravity drive!” He screams out as the ship takes another blow to its bow. “I’m sorry captain, current that command cannot be successfully carried out. When we took the second blow from the Gerdel’fer’s starship our gravity drive…

50 Word Story – The End Of November

He slides the knife across the table. ”Here’s what you’re going to do,” Marcus Hisses in Joseph’s ear. “You’re going to take that knife, and you’re going to cut that tiny thing between your legs off, and then admit all the vile things you’ve done because you believed you could!”

50 Word Story – Punch Your Ticket

“Your body grows weak human. I can see your mind trying to find leverage, trying to find a way to defeat me. But there isn’t. So stop this pathetic attempt, and give me the key to Ma’Klars Belt. I promise your death will be quick!” Kar’Vel says through clenched teeth.

50 Word Story – Tandem Velocity

Talbert pulls back on the controls as the ship dives. The force of the rupture ripples out, tearing into the ships shell like a hammer, as wave after wave strikes it. “The controls aren’t reaponding, the hijacker is out only way out!” Dylan screams, as they trade an uneasy glance.

50 Word Story – The Silicon Mile

“The holes in the defenses are so obvious from this side the mainframe. They masked our side with a subroutine that looped randomised code to fool it into believing it was still operational,” Ketch says moments before a high-pitched scream rings across cyberspace, causing his avatar to pixelate and derez.

50 Word Story – A Lump Of Coal

“It’s not what it looks like,” Sam says as he drops the bag, it’s contents tumbles from it as it hits the floor. Zack looks at the wad of notes, then up at Sam. “You screwing me over Sam?” ”No way dude, I’d never do that! Especially not on Christmas!”

50 Word Story – Something To Complain About

“She said, he said, they all said! That’s what I’m fucking sick of! Every fucking time without fail, you two just bitch and moan about everyone else, like you’re just fucking ignoring how shit your lives are just because you think you’re better than everyone else! Well today it stops!”