Welcome to 2020

Greetings my darkened friends, it is some time since I sat and talked with you about things of the mind’s nature. The time from these shores has been sparse, yet plentiful. I have sailed many seas, and saw many a great thing, but the sea kept shunting me back towards you, my fleshlings.

So, as not to upset her ladyship, we have returned to set out on a new adventure, a new expedition. I ask for little in return but your fellowship on the journey that is to be 2020.

Shades of the former journey scar the shores of my new landscape, yet different attitudes take place.

For the first few months, we will be honouring the year with 20 x twisted 50-word stories and 20 x unhinged dark twisted poems, with the odd full-fledged 500+ word story thrown in for good measure. The journey will ensure that each day you have something new to feast up your eyes.

Yes, it’s true, we are on a run for 365 days of madness again.

The insanity of the insane, is once more at your fingertips.

Dare you journey with me?

Dare you throw your hat into the ring for a ride?

Who be enough, to see the narrowness of the straight?

Be my blade, and my madness..


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