In The Heat Of The Flame – 50 Word Story

He nods his understanding, and smiles nervously, his bottom lip trembling. “Your Mum’s telling you the truth honey, we didn’t leave Uncle Barry, he chose to stay behind and..” “And help everyone that was trapped in the cells out the back of the police station were released,” Sherry interrupts quickly.

A Grade Lower Than What Was Needed – 50 Word Story

... of course If you want to talk to Butch, he’s happy to show you the video footage. But Butch and Mister McBurley have told me that you’re no longer welcome in the shop anymore.” “But it’s ludicrous, I was nowhere near here forty-five fucking minutes ago, I was at home...

I Could Be Your Vampire – 50 Word Story

Vincent’s eyes open, and he looks down upon Damon with eyes weighed down with sorrow. “I’m sorry old friend, do you wish me to sprinkle crushed unicorn horn over my words, so they have a brighter, uplifting visage to them?” “A-Are y-you for real?” “Which part are you referring to?”

Sell Me A Lie – 50 Word Story

“This green earth? Who the fuck is writing your lines?” Ben says sarcastically. “Then it had to be the bus, maybe it was fitted out with a massive magnet, like the scrap yards have.” Fabian shakes his head. “Nah, the first thing he allowed us to do was walk inside.

A Captive Audience – 50 Word Story

“I can neither confirm, nor deny the information you require. Let’s just agree that obviously something, somewhere, with someone has taken place. But we neither know, or don’t know what happened, even though it holds no sway over this here conversation, or situation.” He answers proudly, puffing up his chest.

A Massive Profanity – 50 Word Story

“Jesus Christ Duncan, you don’t just walk the fuck up on people like that, it’s the number one reason people accidentally get punched in the face.” Duncan smiles nervously, “WOW, there’s actually a chart that lists the top reasons why people accidentally get punched in the face? What’s number two?”

Too Pretty – 50 Word Story

...“No one in their right mind will ever believe that. Everyone out there saw you storm into here, they’ll all testify to seeing that.” “THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO? I’M TOO PRETTY TO GO TO JAIL!” Shawn cries. “Firstly, your not that pretty, and secondly, we?...