Dish Drummers – 50 Word Story

In fevered desperation he shoves fingers down his throat, hoping to somehow vomit the parasite from within him, but he only finds bile and blood his reward. With one last almighty cry he punches himself in his own chest over and over again, like a drummer obtaining the perfect beat.

Read – Let My Sin Be My Fate – First Short Story From 2020’s Halloween Collection

I was once open to the concept of thought without barriers, but when I realised that my own thoughts were not my own, I knew that it was time to suck the leech from my skull and go it alone... Matt “Redemption is something I can never have, now that you truly know my name,” …

Something Sickening – 50 Word Story

His teeth fly through the air performing remarkable pirouettes before hitting the floor seconds before he does. Blood seeps quickly from his mouth, as he lies unresponsive on the ground for far longer than he dared wish. He stares at the three teeth that lie on the floorboards before him.

Read – Be Damned My Journey – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 3

When the world closed, and the doors rusted shut, we never knew it was going to be the start of something more than just the end... Matt “Whimsical washings my dear, for there is no more,” he says with an awkward smile. “You just need to realise it was never going to go your way.” …

A Word For An Ear – 50 Word Story

The candle gently flickers in the breeze at first, before the winds come down upon it like a violent storm, relentlessly thrusting itself at the small flame. He casts a fevered glace over to her, and then back at the flame. “Do you see now? Do you finally understand it?”