Away In The Light – 50 Word Story

The light blinds him momentarily, giving the until then dormant celestial an irresistible opportunity. It shoots up into the air and unfolds its wings, shifting the light once more, this time with darkness. As he tightens his eyes, it descends downwards, and hits him with the force of a hurricane.

Saturday Night At The Movies – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

He hesitates  for a moment and looks across the blades edge, “You know this could’ve been but a small hump in the road, we could’ve been better than this moment.” “LIAR! YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN FOCUSED ON THIS MOMENT! YOU’VE HAD NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS AS YOUR END GAME, SO SAVE THE LIES FOR SOMEONE ELSE!” …

A Path Unfortunately – Unhinged Poem

I sinned my name, while you planted trees, I washed the blood away with lies, while you gave life to beautiful things, a song was sung, and dance was done, the wicked weaving of a foolish fraud, perspired inside the dormant beast, lost in sight, given in grief, wished to forget, forgotten to keep….

Gifts Promised From Flesh Given – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“I-I-I, I would die for you,” he stammers through lips that uncontrollably twitch with nervous energy. “I know that now.” “Y-Y-You should’ve always have know that, when I promised to love you forever, I did it without hesitation.” Her smile widens and she laughs softly. “Perhaps if I had trusted that promise, instead of doubting …

The Passage Of A King – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“I avoided the totem pole system and took it, like all those that had served in the role before me. To be king, is not by prestige or hereditary, it is by blood and spitfire. This so-called royal blood you claim to have coursing through your veins is worthless if you’re not willing to burn …

Forward Speaking – Unhinged Poem

Spectacular symphonies, arranged in flavours, separated by sin, my own shape, missing beneath the flesh, bones dying, blood diseased, a baby crying, while the body fails, the soul grows, travelling, like a wave, back along the line, unit it starts all over, at the beginning again, a perfect circle, the infinity’s tail..