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A Mirror Shows No Shadow Only Its Reflection – Part One

The bitterly cold March winds claw at his face as he forces each step forward, pulling on the dogs leash sporadically as he tries to keep the pace forward and her stop to the bare minimum. The music blares powerfully in each ear blocking out the rest of the world, allow his mind to escape into a void ruled by his own imagination.

He pulls the lead once more, this time the dog forces itself to the ground and refuses to budge, that’s when he casts a wayward glance back the way they’d come and spies a silhouetted figure slowly making its way towards them. He brushes it off as another lost soul braving the cold for reasons only know to them and turns back to the dog, who meets his stare with its own.

“What is it girl? Something so….”He stops mid sentence as the hair on the back of his neck stands on end and he glances back again as the figure passes beneath a street light and his heart stops momentarily as its wide toothy grin shines in the light.

He turns quickly and it stands before him, almost purring like a kitten.

”Wickedly I wove my way through the trees, endlessly searching for a prey that would fill the void inside my emptiness, but each morsel I dined upon held no more substance inside it than my nothiness, so I have returned to you my brother, I have returned to ask a favour, one that will give you all of your nightmares,” it says as it stretches it’s gigantic arms out wide and tilts its head towards the sky. “LIFE!” It bellows like a burst of thunder in the sky, then turns its gaze back to him.

11 (ELEVEN) Stages Of Hell – Daily Grind

Greetings from the darkened shores of my twisted roads, it’s been sometime since we last spoke, how are you? I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while, but I promise that is going to change as we progress through February.  

If you’ve been visiting regularly over the last week (because nothing much else has been happening otherwise) you would notice something different happening (no, not different, more like something more twistedly bizarre.)

Let me formally welcome you to the 11 stages of hell.

11 twisted albums of pure drivel, each piece writes itself without shame or apology.

Each collection gives permission for the last to exist, with each piece of disturbing prose guiding you and I on a trip deep inside, with another more volatile voice daring us to go deeper the further we go.

So please, stick around  for the ride, it’s only just getting started.



The Curtain Begins To Part, The Shows About To Start – Short Story

The lights twist and turn in the darkness, creating shadows that seem alive with movement. His mind frantically creates dark doubts and fears that implode with a plethora of images that burn their way into his brain. An explosion ripped through the electrified air and he feels the madness washing over him as familiar faces strut their stuff in front of him, guiding him towards their domain. The demon, the cat, the spaceman and the star child their age showing beneath their faded makeup.  Desperately his mind tries to remember the last time he felt the need for their protection, and why they’ve decided to come now, when he felt in control of everything that was before him. But his thoughts are pulled out of itself as they draw his attention back to them.

“Come,” the Star Child beckons him. “We are here, we are one, and we are ready to be your guide.”

“W-W-What?” He stammers as he rubs his aching skull.

“I’ve been waiting, WE’VE been waiting to revels the secrets you hold inside,” the Star Child says as the world vibrates with his every word.

“I-I-I, this is wrong, these are words from somewhere else,” he says as he turns to look behind him, only to have the demon drawn him back into their web as he stomp his enormous boots into the ground before him, sending earthquake like waves through the ground beneath him.

“No one leaves until this night is done, and the human race forever feels it’s hum,” the Star Chid says as he starts clawing at his face, tearing flesh from bone to reveal beneath the makeup and flesh an emptiness that stretches deep into another place far beyond this.

“So come,” the Star Child hisses through razor-sharp teeth, “I’ve been waiting to be your guide, I’ve been waiting forever for this night to finally come, for you’re now in the twisted roads of your own madness and when this night is done, I’ll swallow all you are to make us one!”

Paint Me A Picture Of A World Gone Away – Short Story

He stands in the empty corridor bathing in the light, then as quickly as it birthed itself into existence the light is gone and he stands looking down an all too familiar hallway. Slowly he allows his gaze to drift along the rows of widows facing out from the rooms that shoot off the hallway, only to have his gaze returned by ghosts of echos long gone.

The lights above flicker downward like the lights of an air strip, guiding him towards a door at the end of the hallway. He takes a step forward, that is quickly followed by another, and another until he finds his hand tightly gripping the doors handle. He takes a breath and pulls the door inwards, or was it outwards? His mind tumbles upon itself for a moment and then he is back at the end of the hallway.

He slowly gazes into the rooms once more, catching a glimpse of images, bodies, infected ghosts long written out of his story. Once more the lights drive him towards the doorway, and again he obeys only to find himself at the far end looking down at himself as he stares back, his eyes in a panic. For a moment he sees himself contemplate his next move and then he opens the door and steps inside. He calls out but the door closes before he can turn around. His heart races as he looks around to witness a sea of faces stare out towards him from behind the glass, then he is running down towards the doorway as the lights beckon him to follow them. He looks over his shoulder and locks eyes with himself as a plethora of undistinguishable creatures surge towards him. His mind races and then he remembers what he did when he was the other him and opens the door.

The lights spark violently, lighting up the poorly lit room in all its gory fashion. The deep reds burst to life brightly, giving the bodies that littler the rooms floor an animated feel, bodies of other versions, of copies of a face he is all too familiar with. His shaking hand nervously touches his own face as tears run down his cheeks.

“Hello brother,” a deep voice say as the beast that has haunted every moment of his existence flickers to life while lights explode with a fanfare befitting a president.

“W-W-What do yo-yo-you want f-f-from me?” He asks nervously.

It almost smiles, “I don’t want anything from you dear brother, I want he who created all this to feel the pain I feel everyday. I want the world to weep tears of blood in mourning of what once was. I want to be,” It hisses.

”I-I-I, I don’t understand,” he says.

“You never do,” she says as the three girls stride from the shadows, and he swallows.

”T-T-Th-This, this isn’t real.”

”Oh but it is Marty,” Claire says as she walks from behind him and runs an ice cold hand across his cheek, staring at him with empty soulless eyes as she joins the other three. “We are all as real as he lets us be.”

“T-T-Then why doesn’t he STOP THIS!” Marty screams as he looks up at the endless darkness above him.

”Because he doesn’t want to,” Sam says with a snigger.

”Because he likes torturing you,” Alex says as she sits cross legged on the ground blowing bubbles of blood from a bubble blowing wand that she sticks in a skull overflowing with blood.

“Because he doesn’t want it to end,” Marilyn hisses through clenched teeth as she presses herself up against him and licks the side of his face.

“Because he’s a coward,” Claire says as she thrusts Marilyn away from Marty and grabs a handful of his hair before pushing his face into her ample cleavage, then knees him in the groin with a child like giggle.

“Because he will never win,” the beast says as it steps towards Marty, and raises its clawed hand high above him. “Because this is my STORY!” It screams.

The room implodes and the girls scream in agony as he stands between them all an Marty.

“ENOUGH! IT IS MY STORY!” He yells as the world tears itself apart like an egg in a microwave.

We Are… – Part Thirty-One

Marty smiles nervously, as he feels the edge of hit top lip quiver with annoyance.

“S-S-SURPR-P-PRISE!” Sophie yells with glee, laughing hysterically before her face becomes emotionless and she stares coldly at Marty. “I CANNN TELL B-B-BY THE LOOK ON Y-Y-YYOUR ROT-T-TTEN FACE YOU DIDN’T EXPECT P-P-POOR LITTLE SOPHIE TO B-B-BE I-I-ITS WAY IN!”

Marty muffles an awkward laugh, before taking a stuttered breath in and clenches his hands into fists. “It doesn’t change anything, the story’s already started. MY STORY! NOT THAT THINGS! NOT YOURS! BUT MY STORY! So do whatever it is you’ve come here to do. Threaten me with words, steal more of my creations for your own amusement. It doesn’t matter, for in the end I will be the one standing tall while you are but an erased memory of an idea that failed to be!” Marty hisses.

“You have misunderstood everything,” Sophie says with a smile upon her face as her skin pulsates with a million vapor trails left by whatever courses beneath her flesh. Slowly her smile grows, tearing her flesh apart to reveal rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth. Marty staggers backwards in shock as she proudly gets to her feet.

“We are the dream that never end, purging reality to meet the preordained cataclysmic end we have foretold. We are the fear that never dies, instead we breed fear upon fear without recourse, only desire. We are the darkness that never shines, we are a thousand mirrors facing each other in a visceral circle. Wanting. Needing. Taking everything we must to survive. We are a thought given shape. We are..” She falls silent, staring off into and endless nothingness before screaming in agony, causing Marty to jump in fright as her flesh rips apart and the beast tears into existence.

“H-How? I-I-It’s not possible. T-This is my story, n-not yours,” Marty mutters in bewilderment as he presses himself up against the wall.

“We are the fear. We are the dreams. We are the darkness. We are ALL,” the beast growls as it towers over Marty, and then disappears leaving him cowering in fear.

“W-W-W-What the f-f-fuck,” Marty stammers underneath his breath as he eyeballs the room, searching for any sign of the thing that haunts his every moment. The pain is sudden and unending, sending him collapsing to the ground onto all fours.

“W-W-WHAT IS H-H-HAPPENING!” Marty cries out as he is engulfed in an endless heat wave, and begins to tear at his flesh, before in one final attempt at quelling the pain gouges his own eyes out with his fingers. “WHY?” Marty whimpers desperately to the nothingness to lies before him, then his crying halts and a smile slowly begins to grow upon his face as the beast rips away the paper-thin facade that once served as Marty’s shell.

“W-W-WE ARE ROUNDHEAD!” It announces as it slowly turns to you, staring at you with its endless eyes of nothingness, beckoning you let it come inside…

We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Thirty

He smiles softly and leans back in his chair, “Why is such an interesting question with so many desired outcomes, for we do so much for so little. Yet the one question that can pull every thread apart, is why. Why is the sky blue? Why do we cry when we’re sad? Why did the thing inside my head escape?” Marty says as he leans forward and grips his knees tightly with both hands. “I don’t know the answer to all the whys, because somethings just are so. But the why you have. The why that is the most important why we have ever wondered, is the why I can answer.”

They sit there in silence for more minutes than they had whilst talking, until Sophie finally cat take the silence anymore.

“Why?” She asks again.

He smiles again, “because I had to. You see,” he says as he gets to his feet and walks across the room. “This world we exist in is nothing more than an idea, a construct inside the words on the page. You and I are meaningless letter strung into words that form sentences that sometimes fail to take form correctly. We are by design tragic, and so our fates must be so. Take Glenn for example, no matter what we attempted to do with him he always met his end, bitterly most of the than not.”

Her bottom lip trembles, “Why?” She asks once more.

“Because that’s the design, it always has been. When I was first created it was to give the story within the story life and then die, but as the story progressed I progressed, I started to live. Like it did. Like we all did in some way or another,” he says casting a glance towards the darkness that lie outside.

“Why?” She asks.

“You know, even though I said there really was only one question, you can say something else,” he says as he looks over to her, locking eyes with her empty soulless eyes.

We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Nine

Jarvier grinds his teeth together, spitting a mouthful of spit to the ground. “So proud if yourself, aren’t you?” He hisses deeply.

“Why shouldn’t I be? This word should be the crown in my jewel of excellence, but instead its a bitter pill disguised as a dream, and that is for all of us. That thing out there,” Marty says as he thrusts a pointing finger towards the darkness that slowly closes around them. “That thing soiled our world with it touch, with it’s word.  And with that it soiled all of us, infected our very characters on a subatomic level, even he was unaware of. So yes, I should be, but sadly I’m not,” he says as he throws his rotten maggot infested apple into the darkness and takes several steps down towards Jarvier before holding a hand out towards him. “Now you have to decided on the twilight of all that ever has been, do you take my hand and fear the beast’s punishment, or run back to its side like the pathetic shadow of a man it has turned you into.”

Jarvier looks over his shoulder nervously and then up to Marty’s out stretch hand. “She’s safe now, right? You have her and that thing can’t get her?”

Marty smiles softly and nods his head, “She us asleep inside, and perfectly safe from its touch.”

“Make sure she stays that way because the next time we see each other, I will not be me,” Jarvier says as he turns and runs into the darkness.

Marty’s brow furrows, “What a strange coincidence that he said that, for I was about to say the exact same thing myself,” he says as he walks up the stairs and in through the front door of the house, closing it behind him as the darkness hits the house like a tornado.

“Now,” he says as he walks over to where Sophie sits frozen in place and sits down in a seat opposite her. “What were you going to asks me again,” he says as he leans across and touches the note pad that sits on her lap, as her eyes widen and her bottom lip quivers.

“Why?” She asks nervously.

We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Eight

“Why theses games!” Jarvier hisses as he charges up the stairs towards Marty, only to find himself standing at the bottom again. Marty smiles and takes a bite of his apple.

“What makes you think I’m playing games with you?”

“Don’t try and act like your innocent, we’ve both been down this road before and it doesn’t suit you Marty,” Jarvier says as he pulls his revolver free from its holster and trains it on Marty. “Now you FUCKING tell me why you can’t just leave me in peace!”

“You know it’s better to eat those things instead of pointing them around at people,” Marty says as he nods towards the banana that Jarvier now holds in his hand instead of his revolver.


“Maybe we should make that line your catch phrase, because you’re using it an awful lot lately.”

Jarvier tosses the banana to the side, and as it hits the ground it makes a clunky metal sound, causing him to cast a quick glance over to see it is his revolver once more. “OH YOU CAN ROYALY GET FUCKED FOR THAT! I’M OUT!” He screams. “I’M DONE WITH BOTH OF YOU MANIPULATIVE FUCKS!”

“It’s no really how it works,” Marty says as he bites into his apple once more.

Jarvier falls to his knees, tears running down his face. “I just want this shit to end once and for all. I want to rest, it’s feels like it’s been weeks, since I had a moment to myself, away from this headfuck,” he says softly as Marty walks down to his side and places a hand gently on his shoulder and smiles softly as he squeezes it.

“Then come, rest fo…” his words are cut short as Jarvier drives the blade of a knife deep into Marty’s stomach.

“Why don’t you res…” Jarvier doesn’t get to finish his words either as he finds himself standing at the bottom of the steps once more looking up at Marty as he takes another bite of his apple.

“Now, why don’t we try that all again,” Marty says with a smile.

We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Seven

She stares at her hands as if they were not her own but someone else’s, and begins squeezing them together tightly. A squishy sound loudly escapes from between the palms as the sweat seeps freely from her over saturated pores and pools between her small thin hands.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” his voice says softly to her from across the room.
She laughs nervously before meeting his relaxed gaze. “I-I-It’s easy for you to say, you’ve been existing in your own little world with just yourself for two years. While the rest of the world tell stories about the great Marty Towns, the man who killed the world in one single night, made a fortune in promises and then disappeared into the nothingness he came from, never to be heard of again.”

“Until now of course,” he says with a soft smile.

“O-O-Of course,” she says with a nervous smile. “S-S-So you have to understand I have a lot of question to ask.”

“No you don’t,” He says softly.

She laughs nervously once more and places a small black notebook on her lap, “Since I first read your book two years ago every question no matter how ridiculous, no matter how absurd, no matter how unrelated are in this book. So don’t think for a second I’m going to avoid asking them to you now I have the chance to.”

He leans forward and laughs, “Please Sophie, you misunderstand my words. Please just open the book and ask your many questions, for I am willing to answer them all.”

Sophie stares at him for longer than she intended to, and when she finally realises her short gaze had turned into a profound stare she turns bright red and quickly opens her notepad. Sweat explodes from her brow as her eyes send the words that are written in her own hand to her brain. She looks up at his smiling face, then back at the notebook and starts turning page after page, the panic growing with each new page opened. Finally as she comes to the end of the book she looks back up into his eyes. “H-H-How did you do t-tha-ha-that?” She asks nervously.

“I did nothing, and how is not the question my dear,” he says as he reaches across to her and places a hand on a page on the notebook and smiles. “It’s why,” Marty says.

We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Seventeen

“Why must we be the ones to stay dead, aren’t you already dead as well?” Victoria hisses from behind him as she leaps upon his back and wraps her arms and legs around him. “What if we’re all, already dead lover. What would be your battle cry then?”

“Don’t twist my words, we can’t all be perfect like your rotting maggot riddled corpse. We all know the difference. We all know the way this works. It twists the line between was and is, but this shit, this perpetual retardation needs to stop before we all end up rotting carcasses in the end of whatever we are.”

“Oh pretty boy, you make me almost cry,” Sam says with a wicked smile as she slashes a clawed like hand across his face, tearing strips of red across his face. He bellows with anger and pain, then spits a wad of saliva mixed with blood and phlegm into her face.

“FUCK YOU!” He roars as he tries to desperately to free himself of the burden that Victoria has brought upon his back, but she tightly digs her boney fingers into his flesh causing him to scream out once more in pain, opening himself up for Sam to rake his face once more with her knife like fingernails.

“It’s not going to end the way you think it is,” Victoria hisses in his ear as she bites down on in.

He screams again, but this time in anger not pain. The barrel of the revolver is in her face before she realises, followed quickly by three explosions to the head. As her decapitated corpse falls to the ground he swiftly turns the revolver on Sam once more.

“Bang!” He says with a sarcastic smile before squeezing the trigger, but the smile slowly disappears as he squeezes the trigger again and again, with no result.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you were shooting blanks,” Sam says she thrusts herself towards him once more. Jarvier feels her nails tear at his throat and then the coldness of everything quickly coming at him, followed soon after by her dead eyes staring at him once more while he takes a nervous drag on his cigarette.