We Weed The Clay – Unhinged Poem

Plagues kill the sand beneath your feet, while words cut the skin from your flesh, a righteousness unknowingly flawed, a belief system designed to fail, atrocities Ignored, a family of sinners, children born to be kings, lords amoung the peasants, the deceptive bastards, the sinners all, tomorrow forever, yesterday ignored...

Pretty Bird – 50 Word Story

“You know I couldn't let them leave. For if they had told others of what I have done, then they would come and try and stop me. I couldn’t let them do that, not when I have more work to do. Can’t you just accept me for what I am?”

Reginald’s Lead – 50 Word Story

Lincoln stares in silence as his up turned lip slowly flattens and his hands unclench. “You are a madman, and a dimwit. The people deserve someone better than you, you incompetent CHILD!” “I may be all those things, but at least I’ll still be here tomorrow, unlike you,” Reginald says.

Let It Be A Nineties Monologue – 50 Word Story

“We didn’t come all this way to NOT do anything. She’s met your eye contact with eye contact of her own, and now like all great journeys, you must go over and ask her to dance in the hope that somehow she’ll find you irresistible enough to gobble your knob...”

West Side In The Northern Side – 50 Word Story

“That's the problem Jeremy, the line of questioning is being driven by your answers, and unfortunately the only answers you’re giving are questions. I don't want you to second guess what I am going to ask, and why I am asking it. All I want you to do is answer...”

Babushka Babushka – 50 Word Story

“I never said one-hundred precent, eighty at the most.” “What the fuck do you mean eighty? Five seconds ago you said you were dead sure she can’t get into the library because it’s warded, now you’re telling me you’re only eighty percent sure!” “Fifty-five to be honest.” “WHAT THE FUCK!”

We Cannot Dance Without Feet – 50 Word Story

“Give me the chance to show you that all the lies I told are but that, don’t cast me out into the world that will not give me a chance to survive in it. I ask for you to show mercy and forgiveness, for I have given you the same.”