What Is in An Imaginary Memory – 50 Word Story

She swallows as she nervously pulls a packet of cigarettes from her jacket, and places one in her mouth. As she lights it, she takes a deep breath in and then looks up to her brother’s menacing gaze. “Do you remember Clare?” “You mean imaginary Clare?” “So that’s a yes?”

Wicked Diseases Woven in Roots – 50 Word Story

He scoffs, “Aside from all these flimsy bits of information, you have nothing to really support your claims that Dion is the cause of the disease, correct?” “Yes, b…” he doesn’t get to finish as Garrison holds up a hand. “This conversation is over Patrick, go and continue your research!”

A Simple Intrusion – 50 Word Story

“You brought that upon yourself, you know that, don’t you?” He says through clenched teeth. The only answer he receives is her cries, so he slaps her again across the other cheek, harder this time. “Do you want another?” She shakes her head vigorously. “Good, now the question. Why lie?

Sam The Man – 50 Word Story

“Sam The Man,” Officer Hedwig says, they both turn to him, then Simon turns to Fiona. “Name ring a bell?” “He was the Christian Construction worker, right?” She asks, as she turns back to Officer Hedwig. “Yeah, he was a ritualistic poster. Every Thursday he’d send her a new post...”

The Hooks of a Sinking Line – Unhinged Poem

I looked for hope in the eyes of the endless, only to find lies that were relentless, a sin within the deceit, your deception worthless, a fraction of what was and could be, a dead bird at your feet, open the wings, let the maggots in, as a nagging, strikes deep, like a knife in the face, a clot in my hand, open the door, and test the …

Fledgling Sympathetic Feelings – Unhinged Poem

Power to the spoken word, let it burn through your lips as it earns its wings, you want the width, but can’t handle the girth, Your plight might be worthless, your eyes may be blind, Jupiter rising in the north, an arm of justice, a husk of hate, cunning lies, too late for goodbyes…